How it Works

L.E.E. is available for private one-on-one tutoring, adjunct teaching, small and large groups, or law school academic support programs.

Private tutoring with L.E.E. tutor is a simple and straight-forward process.

 1. Consult Phase (optional).

You can request a short free consult to discuss your recent exam scores and specific concerns. Together, you and your L.E.E. tutor will identify the type of tutoring you need (or if you do), as well as a brief “exam attack plan” based on your individual needs.  Should you elect to move forward with tutoring, you will also receive a brief pre-tutoring assignment

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2.  New Client Phase.

Secure one of our limited client slots (we limit our client roster to provide personalized prompt service) by registering with L.E.E. along with providing a retainer.  Upon receipt of your completed Client Intake Form and retainer, you will be assigned your online folder where you will access your new assignments, graded assignments – including detailed feedback, billing, and next assignment instructions.

3.  Interactive Tutoring Phase.  

Now you begin working with your tutor.  Your tutor will provide detailed constructive feedback on your written responses and will review MBE assignments with you.  All scheduled tutoring sessions are done by phone and/or in an online interactive format.* Tutoring sessions are also available in live video format for interested students, at no extra charge.

Your L.E.E. tutor will select your assignments and assign tasks based on your performance.

Whether you are in law school or studying for the bar exam, your tutoring sessions are meant to work alongside your current studies.

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*We will do our best to reschedule your missed appointments.  Two missed appointments will result in 30 minutes of tutoring time billed equivalent to 30 minutes of tutoring time.  Tutoring hours purchased in block are non-refundable once tutoring services have started. ** Tutoring rates are subject to change at any time.  Confirm current pricing at time of client registration.