It is up to the individual student if they want to retake their bar course. A straight retake can be helpful to those students wanting a detailed study structure.

If you completed all the lecture handouts and took advantage of the services the course offered the first time, taking the same program again is simply repeating the process.  You may have done all the “right” things, but were still unsuccessful.  Our tutors can help you identify the specific challenges you encountered and develop a plan to overcome them.  Sometimes it is not about working “harder” but about working smarter.  We can help you do exactly that.

If your MBE score was below 140, we recommend you use Kaplan Bar Review (formally PMBR) practice MBE questions.  In our opinion and experience, these questions are more representative of what you will see on the actual bar exam.  As of this writing, there are two MBE programs available.  We recommend both, but recommend at least getting the 3-Day Final Review for the hard copy “big book” of questions and the mock bar exam.

Bonus Tip:  Contact your bar review company to determine if you qualify for a free or substantially reduced course retake fee.  It never hurts to ask.  And sometimes prices are negotiable, but not always.